huawei hisiliion biard firmware

Downloaad Huawei Hisilicon Board Firmware Update tool 

Huawei Board Software is a simple utility programmed tools which is especially made for flashing Huawei board software Repair for bricked,Remove Huawei id / Frp and pattern remove.  Huawei Board Software  is mainly use  to fix dead huawei android phone. In this process you choose board firmware to fix the dead phone. HUAWEI USB COM 1.0  only show in dead phone.

Process to flash board firmware :

  • First click one  USB Map, Once  port mapping program is started, click on configure the XML file  and then connect the device  to the your pc using the loading fixture or by  test point. The port switches from HUAWEI USB COM 1.0 to the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) port. the it  displayed after the mapping is complete. Keep in mind  fsf power supply to the PCBA needs to be disconnected during forcible port mapping. To clear mapped ports, click Clear UsbMap.
  • To map dual phones at the same time, change  the USB port that connect to the your pc, and map the newly ports using the same method  as previous.
  • Enter Password huawei
  • Browse DLL Model and select Model.dll file
  • Browse Config File and select .XML From Board File from firmware
  • Click  play buttom to start the IDT too

Downloaad Huawei Hisilicon Board Firmware Update tool

Huawei Hisilicon BoardFirmware Update tool V2.0.0.9 / Backup link

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