Samsung galaxy Android 11 Free Frp bypass step by step

Step 1 :

Create account on Alliance shield X
Download app Alliance Shield X
Goto settings  > Account and backup > Backup and restore  >Backup app to your Samsung account
Step 2 :
Bypass frp 
Enter this link to open s9 launcher direct
Connect your locked device then do bypass MTP

Step 3:

  •  Install S9 launcher
  •  Enter same your Samsung account using in step A-3
  • Goto settings – account and backup –  backup and restore –  Restore app to your
  • Deviice
  •  Open Alliance Shield x enter your account using in step A-1
  • Allow all permission
  • Open app manger
  • Open service Mode using search button
  • Goto Activities
  • Scroll down to service mode click open
  • Select mtp+adb
  • Connect your device again into pc
  • Open Samfirm
  • Android Tools
  • Service
  • Reset frp from adb section

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